Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: St.Ives naturally clear apricot scrub

So to start of the review section of this blog, I chose to review my scrub that I have been using for some time now. It is the naturally clear blemish and blackhead clearing apricot scrub by St.Ives.  I'm pretty serious and conscious of my skin so finding the right product is really complicated. You must be wondering why that is (isn't everyone conscious of their skin?..), but if you read on, you'll soon find out.

First, i'm going to tell you guys about my skin so you sort of have an idea of what I have to choose products based on. My skin is fairly oily (but not overly) but when I wash it it dries out extremely fast, to the point that I feel as if it was going to rip any second. That for me is the biggest fact to look at when choosing any product. But the second fact I look at is the sensitivity of my skin! My skin is extremely sensitive so when ever I use a product that doesn't suite my skin, it will react. Usually the reaction is pretty bad, because it causes many zits and marks in less than an hour. And when I get zits and marks, they stay for what seems like a lifetime. My skin is also fair/light, so the marks and leftovers are totally visible which make me sooo mad/sad/discouraged about everything. Now you know why i'm so conscious and what my skin is like! Now back to the review!

We were going to go on vacation with the rest of the family when I started breaking out really badly. We were shopping when I came across the skincare aisle. I walked through the aisle, eyeing almost everything because it all looked so good. But there was 1 thing that really caught my attention. Can you guess what that might be? That's right, this apricot scrub. It looked so simple and I loved that is had a fruit aspect to it. (My skin usually does better with organic products) So I bought a bottle to take on vacay with me and tried it. I absolutely loveeed it!! Yes, it has a tad bit big granules but that's what really got deep into my skin and cleansed so nicely. After washing it off, I noticed that my skin was baby bottom smooth and soft, not to mention, Not Dry At All! I felt like my skin skin was just amazing! It doesn't only cleanse but it also makes my skin look so (or maybe its just me) white. This is the first product I have ever found that is not only cheap (was like $6) but also very effective! I would totally recommend it to everyone! It works for every type skin (got my cousins and mom to try it, worked great!). So next time your at the store and looking for a new scrub, give this one a go!  

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