Saturday, July 20, 2013

Age Rant!

Today's topic is, Age rant!! So lately I've been trying to get a job for some extra pocket money for high school. I have applied to more than enough places and surprisingly gotten an interview call for every job! But, there was one that interested me more than all the others. It was a job opening at a new Marshalls (retail store). Taking the fact that I love clothes and fashion or even retail in general, I happily applied. To my surprise I got a call from hiring staff the very next day, thanks to my volunteering.  I followed the whole phone interview process and even got a call for the actually on site interview! I was excited out of my mind! I couldn't stop jumping for the whole time remaining and counted down every minute till the interview!

 Finally the time came to go and as you could probably guess, I was the first one into the car with the belt on. The drive took about an hour and I reviewed the questions they might ask me (researched on the net) to ready myself. After a PAINFUL time in the car, we reached our destination. Again, I was the first out the car and shooting up the escalator. As soon as I stepped through the door, I saw the hiring table. I walked up to it and was quickly greeted by the interviewer.

 We said hi, hello and then she led me into a room in the back and sat me down at a table. She gave me the application form before she took the interview. I started filling the application and soon (maybe finishing a bit more than half) I came upon a question. A simple question that totally stumped me. 'ARE YOU BONDABLE (16+)? '. I stopped and asked her, what if i'm not 16? The answer made me really mad! She simply answered: "Oh then you can't work here, sorry.".

 Can you believe it?? All that time, process, happiness, just down the drain! I'm sorry but I just don't get it! If we were good enough (and below 16) to catch your attention, out of all the others (above 16), then why won't we be good enough to work? That day, I went home and basically huffed and puffed most of the time. I just needed a way to take out all the anger and frustration, so I thought, why not just lay out how I feel on my blog! That's it for the rant. Thank you for listening and i'm sorry, you had to go through all that. Lol. Now to make things better, Here's a picture of kitty(:


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