Friday, August 16, 2013

Garnier brusher microbead scrub

A while ago, I purchased this scrub from a walmart near my house. My skin was going out of hand those days, so I thought why not! It's 150ml, cost about $4, and comes in dry skin, combination, and oily skin. Not a bad deal.

The packaging was quite nice because the lid was clear and the bottle itself was translucent, which allowed me to see how the brush was, as well as the product inside the bottle.

The durability of the bottle is really good too. I can say this because it's been through a lot (lets just say, many roller coasters and still managed to not leak!) and it's still in perfect condition! No gel residue all over my bathroom counter!

 Application is simple and easy, not to mention mess free, thanks to the brush included on top of the bottle!

There is a tiny hole that the gel comes out through and seeps around the bristles onto your skin. As you massage your face in circular motions with the bottle, The gel, gently yet effectively gets into your skin and gets rid of all the oil and dead skin cells, ect. (Did I mention that it has a twist cap for those with children!)

The consistency of the product is sort of liquidy. Although it is said to be a gel, it is pretty easy to let it flow without the use of any force. But since the bottle is leak free (I have found from personal experience), the only possibility of it leaking is if you decide to leave the bottle completely upside down without the lid. -.- (why would you do that??) So, if you're one to care to about that, you've got nothing to worry about.

After I applied it for about a week (gentle enough to use everyday) or so, I noticed a huge difference! There was much less acne, and the scars from  the ones before started healing. This scrub worked like a charm!  By now, I am quite sure i have purchased it more than enough times. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who likes a cheap, mess free, perfect scrub!

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